Nintendo Switch

Hulu On Nintendo Switch Will Soon Get Touch Support

Hulu is the first streaming application for the Nintendo Switch in North America and the team is busy working to improve the app. Ben Smith, SVP of Experience over at Hulu, has recently participated in a Reddit Ask me Anything thread and has confirmed that the team is currently working with Nintendo to bring touch support to the Hulu app.

“Nintendo was great to work with, giving us early access to hardware and developer documentation that enabled us to be the first video app on Switch. I use it all the time. Biggest feedback that we’ve gotten and that I feel as a regular user is that it would be better if it supported touch. We are currently working with Nintendo on this.”



  1. Yes! I primary use Hulu over Netflix personally, so I’m glad that Hulu became the first media app on the Switch. I did find it odd that Hulu didn’t support touch controls. It just seems natural to use the touch screen similar to the mobile version. But glad to hear that touch controls are coming!


  2. Aside from being on the switch,I just prefer Hulu over netflix. Netflix is good for original shows and then some but Hulu is more up to date with shows and has more variety when it comes to selections.

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