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Pokemon For Nintendo Switch Still Scheduled For “2018 Or Later”

Nintendo has reconfirmed today that the long-awaited Pokemon adventure for the Nintendo Switch is scheduled to be released in 2018 or later. The Kyoto-based company wouldn’t reveal any other details, but it’s sure to be a smash hit on the Nintendo Switch, which we learnt today has sold over 14 million units.




    1. It also tells us that Nintendo wants this for Christmas. That gives some reason to worry because Nintendo may not be confident in their holiday lineup without it. If they were, I’d think they’d be comfortable leaving it as TBA.


  1. I’m making the prediction that this is going to be a rushed game that won’t utilize the power of the Switch in the way that many fans are hoping. It might still even have a top-down perspective to it, from wanting to play it safe. It won’t be until generation IX that we see the Switch’s power fully utilized and translated into a Pokémon game. It’s also going to be a polarizing game, where they give Pokémon the Switch-treatment. That is to say, it’s going to stand out from previous mainline games, as is famously noted by the comment of it going to be “disruptive”. Probably in the same way that Breath of the Wild was polarizing with the fans who wanted and expected something more Zelda-like.

    Mark my words!


      1. All I need to make BotW better are cooler dungeons. Everything else was close to perfect imo. Definitely not a far cry from being “Zelda-like” at all.

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  2. This is where that 20 million might come from. Also people need to think. This game could’ve started development earlier thane any of us think. It could’ve started alongside Sun & Moon due to it being the first HD game.

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    1. I would like to revisit Sinnoh. It’s one of my favorite locations along with Kanto/Johto and hopefully they add more side quests after you beat it game. It got a bit stale after the Elite 4 but I can safely say Sinnoh is no worse than Kalos.


      1. That’s why many wish for an MMO Pokemon game to revisit all regions. When that faithful day comes for such a game, the universe will be complete.


  3. I would say release at 2019 the lastest. We need a very polished game of this caliber, not that disappointing Gen 7 that got re-released 11 months after the last which sucked ass.


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