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Hideki Kamiya Says Asking For Bayonetta On PS4 Is Like Asking For Zelda And Mario On PS4

It looks like future Bayonetta titles won’t see release on non-Nintendo platforms anytime soon. According to Platinum Games’ outspoken game designer, Hideki Kamiya, the chance of bringing Bayonetta to a competitor’s console in this day and age is extremely slim. He even likened the unlikely scenario to requesting Nintendo to approve Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda for PlayStation 4, which is never going to happen. You can check out Kamiya’s comment on this particular topic in the embedded tweet below:

54 thoughts on “Hideki Kamiya Says Asking For Bayonetta On PS4 Is Like Asking For Zelda And Mario On PS4”

  1. He probably could have answered it better, but it’s understandable. The franchise would have been dead in the water if Nintendo didn’t fund it continuing, so I imagine he’s really salty towards Sony and especially Microsoft after Scalebound.

    1. Nah thats how he is. People were constantly asking him about this same subject when bayo 2 went only to the wii u and he did the same thing but some people are just too stupid/ignorant to figure out why the bayo 2 was an exclusive.

    2. Yup Pretty much. When the PS community made it quite clear that they did not want to have another one, that included also the big guys at Sony – not only the gamers. This game is out of this world, it’s just a lot of fun to play I found, loved the first and second and will gladly support all of that again on Switch.

    1. They should just go ahead and buy the Bayonetta IP altogether like did with Fatal Frame…’s technically there’s anyway

  2. Why do people insist on asking him the same damn question over and over. Move on and realize it’s a Nintendo game at the moment for Bayonetta 2 and future games. Buy a Switch and get over it!

    1. I agree being asked the same question over and over again is annoying but Hideki Kamiya is a bit of a salty prick even when asked an original question on twitter. I asked him one simple question and never bothered asking afterwards “Is Platinum Games interested working with Sega again to create a new Shinobi game but with similar rpg elements compared to NieR Automata” and that question got a lot of likes, afterwards when I decided to see if anyone replied to my tweet he blocked for no damn good reason.
      If that’s how he acts in person than I’m not surprised Microsoft and Sega refused to work with him on future projects, I can only imagine how much of a d!ck he truly is in person.

      1. A lot of times, we do not understand the great people that live among us and I think this is one case here. The guy is an artist, he can be salty all he wants, but he finally found a place where he can express himself even better in games. The twitter stuff is just fluff. It doesn’t matter. Get over it. If you like the games, play them. I think you’re the one missing out because of a Tweet… Don’t be so Donald Trump my friend.

      2. @Sammii Tomo The fact is I only asked a simple question, he could have just ignored it or just said no to my question!
        I don’t give a shit who he is, he isn’t any better than anyone else, artist or not, and if he didn’t want to be bothered with so many damn questions then he shouldn’t have created a damn twitter account and he should stay off of social media altogether then, HENCE WHY REASON IT’S CALLED “SOCIAL MEDIA”!
        Btw you telling me to get over it would have to suggest that I’ve mentioned this more than once, which I haven’t, and this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned it anywhere, so clearly you need to educate yourself on the phrase “get over it” because a person would have to constantly mention said issue before someone tells them to get over it you damn retard O_O

    2. So many devs/publishers had their chance to keep this franchise going. They blew it off thinking it won’t take off with the sequel. Now she’s with Nintendo and the interest suddenly skyrocketed. Wanna know why? Because A. Bayonetta found a new home with Nintendo and that somewhat startles them and B. Because of that DMC reboot sucked ass, they wanted to turn to Bayonetta for a replacement. Oh but what’s this? Nintendo already showered support for it and now they have their own DMC-like game that’s far more appealing? Too late jackasses. lol Bayonetta now belongs to Nintendo…somewhat. lol

  3. Love the answer. But hate the word “Ninty” really just bugs me for some reason lol. Also would or did Nintendo ever buy the rights to Bayonetta? Is it just gonna be a calm takeover of Bayonetta then?

    1. Nintendo is bankrolling it’s development… Kinda how they bankrolled Devil’s Third for the WiiU.
      So as long as Nintendo is paying the Bayo-Bills, Sony and Microsoft get Nada.. Plus they’ve already got a bit of bad blood with Sony and Microsoft concerning Bayonetta cos Platinum games offered it to them first after SEGA ditched them… But it was Nintendo that picked it up.

      1. I really don’t get the stupid bad blood part. They had their chance and didn’t take it. Nintendo did and they shouldn’t even be salty towards them. Now that Nintendo is ready to nap all rights to Bayonetta, they wanna hate about it because DMC and Scalebound sucked this not having another multiplat hack and slash game to look forward too. But hey, there’s always a God of War 4 right? lol Oh wait…

  4. At this point Bayonetta is pretty much Nintendo property. I think the only game of the series Nintendo doesn’t have full say over is Bayo 1 since that got ported to Steam not long ago. Bayo 2 onward is Nintendo only and I’m sure Nintendo would like to keep things that way. I’m surprised someone would even ask that question to be honest. The combination of how well received Bayo 1&2 on Wii U were and her winning the Smash Bros vote were probably more than enough to tell Nintendo maybe they should back more games in the series or work out some exclusivity deal.

  5. Fine by me. Not really a loss, imo 🤷‍♂️. There’s plenty of stuff to play on my PS4 & PSVR. Luckily, I also have my Switch, but have no interest in Bayo. If I wanted to play something similar, I’d pull out my PS2 & play DMC… In which, I didn’t like that much… I loved the anime though haha. I own those.

  6. Seeing as how Nintendo is the sole reason Bayonetta ever saw a sequel, and is becoming a trilogy, it’s pretty safe to say that she’s not going anywhere else anytime soon.

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    1. He’s not being a dick. He’s annoyed of these twats asking for something that they rejected nor care for years ago until Nintendo got their hands on it. After DMC and Scalebound bit the dust, they have no other slasher game to turn to and that’s what rattles them about Nintendo having that edge now. We have a hack/slash that doesn’t suck and now they’re jealous.

  9. Why Nintendo don’t buy Platinum Games alltogether? A big stake would secure more exclusive games for the Switch. Nintendo should invest on their games instead of waiting for third parties that don’t show up. They have big money so just spend and recover them from sales. Then third parties will add if they like.

    1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

      PlatinumGames is a private company, not a public one. Nintendo can only buy the company if the owners are willing to sell to them.

      1. I doubt stakeholders would refuse a good offer. It’s not just them, Nintendo should be aggressive with acquisitions. Before it had Rare and Squaresoft, let’s not forgive it (not completely but it had big direct investments in those software house).

        1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

          You’d be surprised, actually. Some people prefer the control over their own company and IPs to making tons of money. If they sold & stayed with the company, there is a high chance they’d no longer have control over what they want to do. For some developers, having full control over their projects and retaining rights to their IP is far more important than the money. (Take Two understands this as they started a new indie label called Private Division where they help developers make their games but let the developer retain the rights to their IP.)

          Last time I checked, PlatinumGames has hated the fact most of their IPs don’t even belong to them but to the publishers that published their games. So they would probably be harder to buy than you’d think, actually. Nintendo would need to be VERY aggressive with buying them and offer them a couple billion yen, if not more. So the question not only is “Would PlatinumGames sell?” but “Will Nintendo be willing to pay whatever they want for their company?”

          1. Though game development is an high risk business, many companies sink without consolidation. That’s why many companies merge together.
            Two billion yen would be a very poor offer, but Nintendo can do ‘any’ offer, that’s the point. They better consolidate their business by including new second parties since third parties are very unreliable now. Second parties can act indipendently (it’s easier to publish mature games with a second party than with the Nintendo name, etc.) and make a far richer Nintendo portfolio, and Nintendo don’t even need to own it completely. But they must be a realiable partner like Platinum Games. Skilled people that know how to make good games. The sea is fool of fishes, Platinum is just one. Nintendo should act.

            1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

              While checking to see if PlatinumGames was a public or private company, I found out they are actually the result of two separate developers merging together.

  10. Kamiya showing yet again that’s a maladjusted pretentious little prick. I don’t care if a hundred people asked him this question, responding like this is not acceptable for a normal person, let alone someone who is supposed to be professional.

  11. I never knew that Nintendo bought exclusivity rights or something. I was wondering when the second game would be ported to the other platforms like ZombiU was. Quality game series being exclusive to Nintendo consoles is pretty great for Nintendo but a shame for those who played the first Bayonetta when it came out.

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