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Here’s The Excellent Bayonetta 1+2 Launch Trailer

Nintendo UK has been hard at work producing an action-packed launch trailer for the upcoming Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo Switch and they have certainly delivered. If you haven’t played either games then this trailer should easily entice you if you are after a phenomenal action title. Here’s the Bayonetta 1 + 2 launch trailer:



  1. Game mechanics look fantastic and amiibo support is always an extra bonus, however I could never get into Bayo at the fact it personally resembled Sailor Moon mixed with God of War. I could be very wrong about that. I’m actually really on the fence with this one, please feel free to intrigue me with your past experiences/thoughts on Bayo. How is the story/characters,etc?


    1. lol a mix of gow and sailor moon is actually pretty spot on. however, I really enjoyed the games, so much that I had to stop in the middle of pt 2 as I liked it so much that I wanted to play it all over again on a higher difficulty but then lost track and some other game came in between. But will totally pick it up again now that B3 is on the horizon.

      I actually don‘t lke Bayonetta. I‘m not a huge feminist, but her overacting, her appeal of a horny secretary and pretty much everything she says is just really a downer. Still I love these games to death. There‘s definitely a way too big focus on cutscenes that I can‘t really understand. The story is such a unnecessary zig-zag that might let you just lose interest to follow it at some point, so it becomes a pretty oversaturated excuse to get through allof those locations.

      And at first, it even feels like a kinda primitive button smasher, as you really can progress by just hitting whatever combination seems possible by just hammering the joypad against whatever object you can find. BUT then you remember that it‘s a Platinum Games game. Slowly you notice that behind that smashing, there‘s a huge network of moves, counter moves, tactics, enemy tactics and so on that start working perfectly together once you get an idea of it. And thanks to PG‘s clever design, it doesn‘t really matter when you reach that point. When I played B1, I finished the final boss when I started to realize how this game really is meant to be played, if you wanna get closer to its core.

      PG games try to offer something for everybody, so if you really are into just smashing buttons, you will have a great time doing so with these games. But they are also made to fit pretty much every imaginable level of the player’s skill. And with optional special events you can really test your skill regularly and try to get as many platinum medals as possible.

      PG and Kamiya had already mastered this feeling of being rewarded in their games before so the setting really doesn‘t play such a big role, their games truly are absolutely about the gameplay. Whether it‘s Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry, Wonderful 101 or Bayonetta, these elements have always been a tradition that underwent continuous refinement fro game to game, reaching a literal climax with Bayonetta 2.

      And just like in previous games, the scale of boss fights reaches heights, that can‘t be compared to any other game except PGs own productions. Only their games let you hammer yourself through skyscarpers that get thrown at you in W101 or fight with just city-sized titans against each other. If Od of war is over the top, then PG games are beyond the star that shines on that top.

      So really, if you like good action games, go check it out. If it‘s really not your genre, then don‘t. But it‘s absolutely not a game to be on the fence about. Either you‘re with PG or you‘re again‘st PG and everyone who thinks „should I“ should just stop wasting our time and go gettit. it‘s one of the very big ones out there and ultimately really more a experience than a game. I‘m usually not that type of gamer who really sits down and learns moves, counter behavior and really digs deeper and deeper. But PG games just make you feel like you‘re always doing a good job and that just feels great.

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      1. Thanks for your time. I myself have many games on the go and truly like to “complete” them. If that is the case when it comes to the story, I might pick it up at a later date. I know this game is highly requested for a reason and you made some very good points.


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