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Nintendo Switch Had More 90+ Games During First Year Than The PS4, Xbox One, And Wii U

There’s an abundance of quality titles on the Nintendo Switch for gamers to play through. Reset Era member Phantom Thief did a bit of digging on Metacritic and discovered that the Nintendo Switch had more 90+ scoring titles on the review aggregation site in its first year than the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Wii U. Of course some of these are ports and some are multiplatform games, but it’s still impressive.


  1. Super Mario 3D World: 93
  2. Rayman Legends: 92
  3. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD: 90


  1. Grand Theft Auto V: 97
  2. The Last of Us Remastered: 96
  3. Flower: 91
  4. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil: 90
  5. Rayman Legends: 90
  6. Fez: 90


  1. Grand Theft Auto V: 97


  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 97
  2. Super Mario Odyssey: 97
  3. Celeste: 93
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 92
  5. Bayonetta 2: 91
  6. Shovel Knight Treasure Trove: 91
  7. SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition: 90



      1. Agreed. Still got no fresh games I want to play/haven’t played before. Got all first parties + shitloads of indies, and almost every Aca Neo Geo.

      2. Excuse me? Doom, L.A Noire, Rocket League, Rayman, Sonic Mania, none of those of course doesn’t catch your eye because you’re waiting for that one mainstream garbage from Activision or EA to even count Switch as a valid console to care for. What a picky dick.

      3. All of those titles you mentioned I’ve played before, even years before. And that’s what I mean by that: I don’t have anything fresh to play.
        I thought we was getting good along at this site, and the you call me this ;_; jk btw

      4. Dude, patience. At least we’re getting the good stuff and no half ass or garbage aside from the easily ignorable shovelware.

      5. There’s a lot of forgettable titles on the eShop atm. I never liked indies anyway(only with few exceptions). But I got patience af :P Got a backlog so big I don’t think I can finish it before my date with the devil lol

      6. Yeah, I see more uninteresting shit then bigger titles on eShop and that’s a problem Nintendo needs to sort with improved listings.

      7. And yet, most are those games that loses your attention span in 2 days and done deal. Same for PS4. Both are clusterfucked with shooters and that’s it. How “diverse”.

      8. Yes how “diverse” now wake up. Ps4 have a full and guaranty third party support like xbox while Nintendo owners are in a “beg” mode for the most multiplatform.
        so Yes the switch have no games, if you own just That console you will lose tons of games that wont make it on switch.

      9. Again, failed to site ONE that isn’t a shooter or another endless sequel to a series that supposedly ended last generation. Speaking of begging, how is the Xbox One doing? Oh, about to be permanently gutted out of the market because it can’t even win one fucking console generation war since it segregated PC gamers and poisoned the market with paid online, bad DLC marketing, brainwashed people to think graphics only matter and lazy game design by sticking with shooters genre all the way. Switch has no games? 1. You’re not even looking or paying attention to the massive growing library it has and getting. 2. Obvious Anti-Nintendo fanboy is super obvious.

      10. And somehow “Nintendo has no games” means something to you? What a hypocrite. Oh BTW, that game you’re playing is almost the exact same game as the last one and you oddly don’t complain about it. Strange.

      11. Are you stupid or something? you type to much and your brain can handle it.

        Like i complain somewhere that the games are all the time the same when they come to upgrade them-selfs? And you got me for that because i play one of them named splatoon 2″? ..your imagination,…getting wild…now you see things that i haven’t even mention lol.

      12. I’m looking at a genre list on the PS4’s PS Store of all games. Shooters are at 178, RPGs are at 162, puzzles are 124, arcade is 117, Adventure is 298, and Action is 660. Out of that 660 action games, only 178 will be shooters. So in actuality, the system isn’t swimming in shooters as bad as some think. (Or as bad as I use to think for that matter.) So it’s very diverse on at least PS4.

      13. Yeah, so diverse that only shooters got the most attention out of all genre these days. Tell me, which genre sold the most? That’s where the actual answer lies of which is a bigger fish.

      14. If you want to bring up sales, only 3 out of a list of 22 of PS4’s top sellers were 1st person shooters.

      15. It’s from wikipedia but that site has been very accurate for me so far. If you’d prefer VGChartz, which I’ve been told isn’t always accurate, it’s 10 out of the top 30 that are shooters. Out of the top 20, it’s 7 shooters. And out of the top 10, it’s 4 shooters.

      16. Oh you asked which is the best selling genre. *looks for a list on that*

      17. Can’t find one. Of course, I suck at searching for shit on search engines because apparently I don’t know the right keywords to use to find exact links to exact reliable sources. That and I tend to lose patience with the search engines and give up after the first 3 pages of the search results.

      18. We are talking about big games not indies. focus Assassin’s creed , Call of duty, Gta etc and what ever else got many sell numbers to boost the console sells too. More than the half games you got are irrelevant to boost Switch on salles. or make it “worthy”

      19. While indies have become more relevant, I do agree with you. Only games I spent some time on is Splatoon 2, BotW, FEW and Odyssey. Got done real quick.

      20. Indies always are irrelevant. But the only reasson indies have become more relevant is because Switch make them, i believe due from the unique ways the switch offering to play them and yet the big games can be even more relevant for the same reasson.

      21. Indies got relevant through Steam in the first place in my opinion. But Switch is boosting it af.
        Never really cared for indies. Only liked three games of aaaaaaaall the sh*t I’ve tried.

      22. It’s not opinion dumbass. RESEARCH YOUR SHIT. It won’t kill you..or maybe it will because you’re bending over for two other PC wannabe turd boxes loaded with shooters, last gen remakes and Microtransactions cramped up their Blu-Ray DVR asses.

  1. A little off the topic, but whoever made the list of all Nintendo Switch games on Wikipedia is an idiot. They added even the digital-only games to the list. How the heck is anyone supposed to keep track of their physical collection when this list is cluttered with digital games? I can’t even find a list that shows only the physical releases. I guess I’ll never be able to check my Switch games off the list like with my other console lists.

    Some of the Wikipedia game lists stopped being updated ages ago for some reason. Especially the original DS game list. I have SO many DS games that aren’t on the list.

    1. You can go in and update it.

      But agreed, I HATE that digital only is now being done. You never truly own digital titles, if a company closes their digital shop you’re SOL.

      That’s one thing I regret in buying so much digital on the U. They kept doing offers on eShop cards and I kept falling into the trap.

      1. I love digital games and the fact I can buy games from other countries eshops. It’s almost impossible to buy physical ones in my country because of the taxes. So, I’m more than happy for the digital ones to exist, Nintendo might even profit more with digital games because they don’t need to pass some revenue to the retailers, I think.

      2. I meant exclusive digital only, I’m always for having more options. And in your case it’s understandable.

        Definitely there is more profit as it also cuts production materials and shipping.

  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 should’ve had a 90 overall score too but it’s great to see that there are a lot of great games to play on the Switch already and I’m looking forward to even more this year

  3. Meh, praise sure but as noted it’s a lot of rehash. Xbox sucks tho.
    Same with the articles that say there’s been a strong initial software release, but there’s a lot of rehash and indie.

    1. And by rehash you mean? Not original games?
      For PS4, only original game would be Flower to reach 90 on mc. 2 if we count Rayman.
      For Switch it would still be 3 games that are new if we are being fair.

      1. Did I say PS4? I’m mainly comparing it to the U, which I believe had a solid initial release.

        But even without comparisons, why do companies keep rehashing? Did they really run out of ideas like Hollywood and just keep rereleasing the same thing?
        ^(rhetorical as we’re not heading these companies)

      2. By re-hash he means re-release. So Flower would count as a re-release. Fez and Grand Theft Auto 5 were still new, they were just released slightly later on PS4. Kind of like how RiMe came out on other platforms first, then came out on Switch.

      3. “But even without comparisons, why do companies keep rehashing? ”

        Game development got spectacularly expensive. Instead of 5-30 guys, it’s 100-300 guys. The higher the investment, the lower your risk has to be in order to draw a financial backer. New ideas are risky. Lower the cost of production and the rehashes will go away.

    1. The Last of Us has been highly praised and enjoyed by millions so yes way. Have you played it? Or at least seen a video of the game for more than a couple of minutes? Or are you just dissing it because it’s a game owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment?

      1. That game refuses to budge from the top 10 area of game sales. lol

  4. Switch has more games rated between 90 and 100 than other consoles. So what?

    This post feels a lot like some sort of attempt to initiate a pissing contest.

    It would be more interesting to compare the rest of the library and see how much people get something out of those games rather than look at a score.

    1. “It would be more interesting to compare the rest of the library and see how much people get something out of those games rather than look at a score.”

      How would you possibly measure that?

  5. I’ve enjoyed the Switch’s first year more than any other console I’ve owned. Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, Xenoblade, Sonic Mania, Mario + Rabbids, and a couple ports. People saying there are no good new games are either not looking, or are blind. Or they’re just delusional console warriors. First years are usually very, very dull. So all things considered, it went very well.

    1. I agree with you. There are excellent games on the Switch. If people don’t like them that’s another story but they shouldn’t say that there aren’t games. The Switch’s start is already better than the Wii U, heck it already beat the Wii U’s lifetime sales. I am saving money to buy a Switch but I have already purchased Zelda Breath of the Wild for some months.

      I could have had the Switch more earlier if it wasn’t for a hurricane of category 5 that caused a terrible destruction where I live.

    2. You forgot “Or just not interested in. Or already have on Steam, PS4, or Xbox One.” With Bayo1 and 2 now available on the Switch, that’s only 6 games (the other 4 being BotW, Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Xenoblade 2) on the system that interests me in it’s first year. (Not really counting Sonic Forces since it looks like I have a bigger chance getting it on PS4 than Switch at this point…)

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