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Runner3 Release Date Listed As May 29 With $40 Price Tag On Nintendo Switch

It looks like we might know exactly when Runner3 will finally launch on Nintendo Switch. According to its official listing at Amazon, the upcoming rhythm-based platformer will be released on May 29, 2018. The game can also be pre-ordered from the online retailer for $39.99. Runner3 introduces several new additions to the BIT.TRIP series, including quests, vehicle sequences and new collectibles. Players will also encounter branching paths, item shops, new Retro Challenges, character moves, dance moves and a roster of quirky characters.


5 thoughts on “Runner3 Release Date Listed As May 29 With $40 Price Tag On Nintendo Switch”

  1. I take that with a huge grain of salt. Any online listing from Amazon or eBay is a definite huge grain of salt. Its like information coming from user-generated sources. Why can’t anything be real on the internet.

  2. Dark Souls remastered is also $40 and comes out 4 days before this. This game stands no chance. I’ll wait for a sale that’s at least half off and even that seems like too much.

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