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Japan: SEGA Fes 2018 Will Feature A “Surprise Announcement”

We published details earlier about the SEGA Fes 2018 which is happening in Japan from April 14th – April 15th. However, one thing that has emerged is that the event will feature a surprise announcement. We obviously aren’t too sure what the announcement could be but it could be Sonic related, as we’ve heard numerous stories that there’s a new Sonic racing title coming via Sumo Digital and SEGA. As always, we shall have to wait and see.

“Floor which performs events for game title fans of Sega group companies. Inviting luxurious guests, we will be in the stage to deliver the latest information on featured work, surprise announcement unique to Sega, and games tournaments etc.
In addition, the pattern of the stage will be delivered by live distribution. Please look forward to it as well.”




  1. Ohh maybe a new Entry into Chu Chu Rocket? It would be great to try that again with the switch, epically online! I’d always be up for Space Channel 5 or NiGHTS. But I can dream 😜😛.


    1. If that ever became true I would straight up boy cot Microsoft harder then I already do. None of the big 3 should monopolize third party studios.


  2. Sonic Forces is gonna get some free DLC that makes the game worth 40 bucks & isn’t a shitfest that makes Infinite look like shit, right? No? Then give me Shadow the Hedgehog HD for PS4 and I’ll be golden.


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