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Singapore Police Team Up With The Pokemon Company To Fight Crime

An interesting collaboration has arisen between the Singapore Police and the Pokemon Company. This new campaign highlights how to prevent crime during the March school holidays and launched on March 10th. The collaboration saw Pokemon booths and also crime prevention booths at Jurong Point mall. There was a Pikachu parade and dance and also meet and greet sessions with Pikachu. The campaign will run till March 18th and fixates on these points:

The messages are:

1. Don’t take dimly lit shortcuts

2. Don’t buy counterfeit goods; and

3. Don’t use your mobile phone while driving.

“With the appeal of the Pokemon characters, we hope to be able to reach out to more members of the public on crime prevention,” he said. “We certainly look forward to more opportunities like this in the future.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis for the news tip!



  1. “3. Don’t use your mobile phone while driving.” This one needs to be added. The citizens of Singapore aren’t stupid idiot Americans but the country is a pretty big tourist trap so plenty of Americans visit it. This was for those few stupid idiot American tourists that happen to visit Singapore. lol

    1. Yeah, like why sue Nintendo for blindly crossing the street while playing that god forsaken waste of an app that literally warns people of being aware of their surroundings the moment it starts…all the way from the day one version? I must sadly agree Americans are full of fucking idiots.

      1. And some lack a sense of humor. Look no further than the people crying over SNL & Alec Baldwin making fun of Trump a lot. lol One guy pretty much tried to claim SNL is picking on Trump & not other presidents by saying Jimmy Kimmel didn’t give Obama such a hard time. Jimmy Kimmel has NO CONNECTION to SNL whatsoever! In fact, SNL makes fun of every. single. president that’s been in office since the show’s inception. It’s not SNL’s fault that Trump gives them plenty of ammunition to make fun of him with.

        1. Oh, IDGAF about that fuck Trump. Let them all have their dark humor over his racist ass all they want. He not only asked for it but deserves it.

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