Nintendo Switch

Team Chicken Wins The Latest Splatfest

The latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest battle has been raging this weekend and there could only be one winner. The winner in this particular Splatfest was Team Chicken who beat Team Egg. Team Chicken came first with a 2-1 win. Well done to all those who participated.



    1. Is this in response to me? If not, ignore what follows after this sentence.

      If it is in response to me, I don’t have the game so I didn’t pick sides. Since Team Chicken did win, I saw it as an opportunity to make a joke about the debate of which came first: chicken or egg. Why so serious, bro? Did you pick the losing team? Sounds like a sore loser if you ask me.


  1. i played all day and night was rank “chicken King” I had sooooo much fun. I knew the chicken would win I played against chicken teams so much….. in those matches it doesnt matter who won cause the score would go to the chicken side. I can’t wait for the next Splatfest.

    OH the chicken did came before the egg. God made all living things and they made them whole.. not an egg. Just like the first man wasn’t a baby but a full grown man.


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