Nintendo Switch

The LEGO The Incredibles Game Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

There were rumors of this happening in the past, but now it is official. The LEGO Juniors Incredibles 2 set had an interesting treat inside for those who got it. Inside the set is an instruction booklet, and the back of it contains a promotion for the LEGO The Incredibles game. The game hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the promotion lists the game for multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch.




  1. I wish they would put their heart and soul into it and make something like the incredibles (or another PIXAR franchise) into an awesome game! I think the incredibles has the most potential.


  2. …*grumbles*
    Sorry but this isn’t Lego the last jedi or Lego X-Men. At my age I gotta be really invested in the characters to get one of these. So unless it’s gonna have every pixar character in it or something, I don’t want. :b


  3. The problem with The Incredibles having their own Lego game will be the lack of collectable stuff. Lego games typically have a crazy number of playable characters. Unless The Incredibles 2 introduces tons of new ones, there won’t be much to do once the story missions are complete.


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