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Pokken Tournament DX Has Been Updated To Version 1.3.0

A brand new update has been released for Pokken Tournament DX. The game is now at version 1.3.0. Nintendo did release some patch notes, but it is a very short list. The only thing listed in the official patch notes is that “Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack Wave 2 compatibility has been added”, so it seems that Nintendo was just preparing for the release of the new DLC. The DLC’s release is tomorrow.



  1. Gonna wait for Smash Bros. No longer any use or point to buy/play this especially when the DLC is bullshit and over priced for only 2 playable characters in a roster that’s not even 25+.


  2. This seem interesting. Want to know the difference after the upgrade. True, DLC is really something, talk about the unreasonable price. I guess business went well on their end.


  3. Wow y’all some entitled dudes huh? $15 Is very reasonable for 2 new characters in a real fighting game like this. That’s $7 per fighter plus extras. I mean he’ll it was costing ya $6 for new characters in Smash bros, and $4 For characters that they had already fully developed for other smash games, and in platform fighters liked Smash Bros the characters are a he’ll of a lot more simplistic, and take less time, and effort to developed than they would in a game like Pokken.


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