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North America: It’s Soccer Vs. Baseball In The Next Splatfest

Piranha Pit has just been released for Splatoon 2, but that is not all that Pearl and Marina had to announce tonight. In North America, the next Splatfest was announced. Starting April 7th, you will be able to participate in a sports-themed Splatfest. Do you prefer soccer, or baseball? Once the event begins, you will have 24 hours to participate. In the meantime, there’s a new map and weapon to check out.

Source: In-Game Announcement



      1. How many people watch sports actually enjoy sports for the sport alone? Most from what I’ve seen, it’s either people projecting their state pride on to teams, or jumping on a bandwagon for things like the superbowl. If it wasn’t for the state pride thing, I bet less than half would still be watching sports.


  1. not a fan of either… for NA couldn’t we have gotten an actual sport debate like Basketball vs Football. The quickest growing sport in America versus the biggest sport in America. *please tell me that didnt already happen lol*

    Or the two biggest sports in the world Cricket and Soccer.

    Or really any of the two big 4 sports against each other (baseball, football, ice hockey, and basketball)

    Baseball and soccer… seem so random for NA…


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