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Europe: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Limited Edition Revealed

French site Pix’n Lov has revealed the spectacular Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Limited Edition for the Nintendo Switch. You get a copy of the highly anticipated game with A5 art lithographs, 80-page A5 hardback art book and finally a special card packaging. It’s not clear if this is for French consumers only but pre-orders for the item begin at 9am BST on Friday April 13th.



  1. I just want to know which version of SF Alpha 3 is actually included in this collection. Is it the arcade version which is missing many characters or is it the Max version which released on the vita and includes the complete Alpha roster including Maki, Yun, Eagle and Ingrid?
    This why I’m not buying this day one because Capcom is not even letting anyone know which of SFA3 (which is the best SF game out of the entire franchise tbh) they’re adding to the game and if you do your homework on which version are missing certain characters then that does have an affect on wanting to buy it or not, and trust me majority of SF fans are looking to buy it specifically for SF Alpha 3 and that roster will be complained about if it’s just the arcade version.

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