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Despite Delay Dark Souls: Remastered Will Still Have An Early Network Test

We found out yesterday that the highly anticipated Dark Souls: Remastered on the Nintendo Switch has been delayed until the summer. A reason wasn’t given for the announcement but nonetheless it didn’t go down to well with Switch owner. Bandai Namco has revealed that despite the delay the game will still have an early network test giving players a chance to test out the title before release.


  1. I’m good with the delay. I would rather the game get improved upon before release. It’s only a few months. I have a ton to play on the Switch. Picking up Wild Guns reloaded, South Park next week. Then May hits and there are TWO Nintendo exclusives, Mega Man Legacy Collections 1+2, and the Street Fighter 30th collection.

    We will be fine in May! If anything I know I will be.

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  2. This is honestly a delay that shouldnt matter. Mainly because if you really wanted to play it, you couldve picked up years ago. Another few months isnt going to make a difference… unless they decide to release it along side smash.

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    1. “And leave Nintendo consoles for Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Windows/XBox!? Unacceptable! They are blah, blah, blargh!” lol You know how these kids are when it comes to their Nintendo these days. (Glad I dove off that train & into the thick of the awesomeness of being multi-platform back in 2015.)

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      1. Being console agnostic is the way to go. Only drawback is the hit the wallet takes lol. Oh yeah, theyll definitely complain about the delay, but I mean really? That game came out almost 7 years ago. You could probably find it for like $5 at gamestop, or $10 on the marketplace, or rent it for a few dollars on PS Now.

        Oh and on steam.

        Ps: at this moment the credits are rolling on my 3ds, just passed Fire Emblem Echoes. 😁 next Fates and ill be done lol


      2. I’m planning to make a new Steam account at a later date so I can try these games I’ve been watching Markiplier play. Like the Slender games or SCP – Containment Breach. I’m currently watching through his playlist for the SCP game. I’m trying to play more horror games and it seems the indie horror games on Steam are a bit different from the more mainstream horror games, so those will definitely be on my list of games to try. I should get back into Alien: Isolation and complete that game which I stopped playing because… *shudder* Not being able to kill an enemy that’s chasing me is apparently the one thing that actually scares me.

        I haven’t played my 3DS much at all in the last few years. Mainly because I’ve been so busy with my PS4. I still got a few games on there I need to complete & a few I wouldn’t mind revisiting at a later date when I don’t have such a backlog.


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