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Rumour: Yo-kai Watch Busters Could Be Coming To North America

Although it has yet to be confirmed by Level-5 it appears as though Yo-Kai Watch Busters could be coming to North America. The news was spotted because the game recently launched in South Korea and players noticed on the ending credits that Nintendo of America is credited for its localisation. Hopefully the company will clarify soon.


  1. Oh goodie another game for a system that’s supposed to be dead. So is the gameplay just as monotonous and uninteresting as the original?


      1. Some want Switch to be both the home console & handheld replacement. From what I’ve seen so far, the Switch being portable is just another gimmick for home consoles & is not supposed to be a replacement for it & handhelds. Others will strongly disagree with me, though, since, as I said, they want Switch to be the new home console AND handheld.


      2. It is already out. Just look at the games confirmed for it, like the next main Yo-Kai Watch to be on topic.


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