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Nintendo Expects To Ship 20 Million Nintendo Switch Units And 100 Million Switch Software This Fiscal Year

It’s not really news that the Nintendo Switch is selling like hot cakes all over the world. Nintendo has announced today that it expects to ship an impressive 20 million Nintendo Switch units worldwide and also ship 100 million Nintendo Switch software during this fiscal year. It’s certainly an ambitious plan, but it sounds more than doable given the lucrative nature of the console.



    1. Not necessarily. The fiscal year runs to April 2019 and Pokémon is still listed as 2018 or later.

    1. I think you may be misunderstanding. It’s not 20 million total, it’s 20 million for fy18-19 on top of the 17 million already sold

      1. Oh. Must of misread it then. In that case, unless they pull out the real big games this year alongside Smash, then they definitely won’t hit that goal.
        I’m talking, they’re gonna have to put out a Pokemon or an Animal Crossing as a holiday title…
        That fabled new Fire Emblem would help too.

  1. About 17M worldwide for this past Fiscal year, and they want 20M WW this Fiscal year?? That’s considerably high… I think this closely confirms that there isn’t going to be any sort of console revision.
    Not that I really wanted one, or that one is even necessary… or practical.

    1. Or now that I think about it, it might be the other way around… with the higher number being reachable with the support of another Switch console.

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