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The Classic 10-Yard Fight Is The Nintendo Switch’s First American Football Game

Nintendo Switch owners haven’t had any choices when it comes to American Football based games, but console owners will soon get to experience the classic 10 Yard Fight. The football game made its console debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1985. The Nintendo Switch port of the game is from the original arcade version and features a two-player mode. Here’s a look at the original arcade game.



  1. HAMSTER has done one hell of a good job at porting the Nintendo arcade version of 10-Yard Fight. Since Electronic Arts may not bring Madden NFL 19 to the Nintendo Switch, 10-Yard Fight is as good as it gets. What if Koei Tecmo brings in Tecmo Bowl to the Switch eShop…?

    To be continued…

  2. What sounds strange to me is that in America there aren’t indies passionate enough to make a simple football game. Given the popularity of that sport it’s pretty strange that no one did not thought on developing an arcadey.

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