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Nintendo Is #9 On Newzoo’s Report Of The Top 25 Public Game Companies Of 2017

Newzoo has released a brand new report that details the top 25 public game companies of 2017. These companies “accounted for 77% of the total global games market, earning a combined $94.1 billion out of a total $121.7 billion in 2017”. The top 5 companies remain unchanged from the previous year. However, Nintendo has entered the charts at #9. Nintendo’s software revenues in 2017 is “nearly double from the previous year”. Obviously, Nintendo’s good fortunes are due to the success of the Switch, which released in March of 2017. Here’s the chart:



  1. Wow never knew Tencent owned so many parts of companies.

    I would dismiss Apple as I don’t believe they make games nor have their subsidiaries, they just take commission.

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