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Video: You Can Pre-order Both Mega Man Legacy Collections On Nintendo Switch eShop

Capcom has announced on Twitter that the time has finally come for Mega Man fans to pre-order the Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 on the Nintendo Switch eShop ahead of the games release on May 22nd. The company also released a trailer for the iconic collection of games which you can view in the tweet down below.


  1. Has this just happened in the US because we’ve been able to do it in the UK for weeks?

  2. The only IP Capcom has that I’ll support is Monster Hunter, they f!@# right off a cliff with this half physical/digital crap! If they’re not gonna release both games physically, just like they did with RERev 1-2 Switch, then what’s the point in even releasing it physically then?! Those cheap ass bastards!

  3. I am one lucky owner of all europe pal region megaman, megaman x and zero physical released games. All nintendo versions plus bad psp version. PS2 anniversary too owning. Now i like play again all this game on mine Switch but mine whole life i buy ONLY cartridges, cds, dvds. Only physical games with cases. I am collector (nes, snes, 64, gc, wii, wiiu, Switch, gb, gbc, gba, ds, 3ds, ps1,2,3,4, psp, vita) and gaming is all i own. I never buy games in future If Only digital releases coming. I am sad now but in europe megaman legacy collection Only half physical, digital release. I ignore this release and dont buy. If capcom dont need mine money, capcom dont bez nothing from me.

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