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Nintendo Has Announced That Daroach Will Be A New Dream Friend In The Upcoming Kirby Star Allies Update

Remember the announcement that a Kirby Star Allies update would be coming later this summer? That was just a few days ago, and we have just gotten our first information on what will be in the update. The official Japanese Kirby account has revealed that a new Dream Friend, Daroach, will be added in the update. We’ve included the official tweet down below.



  1. This was very predictable though I don’t get why other people thought it was dark meta knight, yes I do know he’s in the datamines but we have to wait till we get the rest of the characters

    1. That’s been done since squeak squad where have you been, I’m not even into rule 34 nor do I want to see it but everyone knows as soon as you see a Nintendo characters you better know that they’ll be a rule 34 in matter of seconds Pokemon sun and moon and odyssey people were quick at work when tiara and professor kuki were showed off

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