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Japan: Nintendo Begins Selling Dockless Nintendo Switch Units

Nintendo has started selling dockless Nintendo Switch consoles in Japan on the My Nintendo Store consisting of the console, Joy-Cons and accompanying straps. These are really aimed for those who wish to purchase a second system without needing a docking station. These are priced up at ¥26,978 ($244). The standard version with AC Adapter costs ¥32,378 ($293). You can also customise the console by choosing your colours of Joy-Cons with seven choices available.


31 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo Begins Selling Dockless Nintendo Switch Units”

      1. Some people do if you have multiple tv’s in the house or perhaps a divorced household situation, the kid could dock at both houses. Or a dock for the grandparents\babysitter.

    1. I don’t see it as a ripoff, I see it as you’re getting a better deal when you buy the Switch and dock together. Bundle deals are typically cheaper, that’s how commerce tends to work.

    2. That’s simple, docks have way higher prices than what does their manufacturing cost. Also, please notice that this “dockless Switch” also doesn’t have AC adapter and Joy-Con Grip included which causes the $49 price reduction (removing only dock wouldn’t probably lower the price so much). With the exclusion of AC adapter it looks more targeted towards families that have one TV, Switch and dock and want 2nd Switch for e.g. 2nd kid.

    3. The dock, joycon grip, ac adapter, and Hdmi cable are all not included. I honestly dont think those equate to 50$. I suggest japanese buyers getting the normal set and selling what ever they don’t need.

    1. How is Nintendo raising the price? The Switch is going to be $50 cheaper, if you want both the Switch and the dock, it’s the same price as you pay now,

      1. It’s essentially a price raise because The dock, joycon grip, ac adapter, and Hdmi cable Should equate to more than just 50$, meaning this new set should Have a much lower price tag.

      2. AKA-Link77: The manufacturing costs of the dock, Joy-Con grip, AC adapter and HDMI cable are not as high as the prices at which Nintendo sells them separately, so if the N’d lower the price of the “dockless” Switch to reflect MSRP of separately sold dock, Joy-Con grip, AC adapter and HDMI cable, then they’d be essentialy lowering their profit from the Switch itself.

  1. Its pretty bold to assume that the main Switch user in your house will let you just use their charger if they just use it for TV. What if they want to continue playing on the TV?

        1. Yea, I think they should just take the loss and sell it for $200 with no dock. That would get more kids into one over an xbox or ps4, which are both cheaper right now. They can make their money back on the games.

    1. Not everyone wants a dock, especially if they’re buying multiple units for multiple children. They really need to get the switch down to the $200 pricepoint without a dock, then it’ll sell like hotcakes.

    2. Perhaps its because the Joy Cons have HD Rumble, better Motion than the Wii controllers and a more advance Pointer than the Wii pointers.

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