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Mega Man X Legacy Collection New Story Mode Details Revealed

The latest edition of Weekly Famitsu is with subscribers and with it comes new details regarding Mega Man X Legacy Collection for the Nintendo Switch. The games both have a story mode in the form of the X Challenge Mode. Here’s all the details:

  • X wears a brand new white and blue armour exclusive to X Challenge. Though it’s based on the Ultimate Armour, it’s purportedly different enough to be considered new. No specifics available at this time.
  • You can choose up to 3 Special Weapons from 9 available to take into battle. You cannot change your set until you’ve cleared an area. Special Weapons are from X1-X6.
  • There are a total of 27 stages.
  • Difficulty levels determine the strengths of Mavericks, if your health replenishes into the next stage, and whether or not your remaining time carries over.
  • X Challenge Volume 1 (X Legacy Collection 1) and X Challenge Volume 2 (X Legacy Collection 2) have different stages. Examples:
    • Stage 1-3 (Vol.1): Slash Beast & Crescent Grizzly
    • Stage 1-3 (Vol.2): Web Spider & Wire Sponge
  • Online rankings (leaderboard) confirmed




  1. I assume people are gonna be mad that X’s new armor is a recolor. I’m just glad we don’t have to wait until Megaman 11 for a new story.

    1. Well, it’s a “recolor”, but to be fair, it’s a good and elaborate one.You do see new details under the armor that you couldn’t see before, so I’m not sure if it even still counts as just a recolor.

  2. “New Story” sounds like a challenge mode that will be given a couple sentences of context which will equate to “a story as to why everything is happening in the challenge mode”.

    Make X9 please

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