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Super Mario Party Has 80 New Minigames And Introduces Toad’s Rec Room For Collaborative Play

As the latest game in the Mario Party series to hit the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Party will feature over 80 new minigames. During the Nintendo Treehouse stream at E3, fans were shown a range of minigames and a new mode called Toad’s Rec Room.

Mario Party fans will be pleased to know that size-able 3D board games are back in play and you’ll be able to adjust the length of time you and your friends want to play a board before beginning. There are also some new items on show too, such as the Golden Drink and the Coinado, which add an extra move space to your dice roll, or steal coins from other players, respectively. The select-a-minigame Freeplay mode is also back to let the good times roll, with the Nintendo Treehouse team showing Slaparazzi, Smash and Crab, Sizzling Stakes and an intense race to the finish line in Trike Harder.

In an interesting twist, Super Mario Party also brings a new mode to the surface in Toad’s Rec Room. This special mode allows players to collaboratively hook up their switch consoles to challenge each other to connect the images together on the screen. A neat way to pass the time on the train or a plane, no doubt. Super Mario Party will be available on the Nintendo Switch this October.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse


  1. So are these new minigames on top of previous ones found in other Mario party games or a complete new set for this game making the total amount 80 for this game ?


  2. So… are the amount of mini-games based on fucking luck down to a minimum now? If I want to play a board game that revolves around mostly nothing but luck, I’ll get Monopoly or some other real life board game & roll some dice or pick a card from a deck that’s been shuffled.

    And as another asked, is there online play? Keeping online play away from games like Mario Party after most of the strides they made with having online play in more games would be incredibly stupid. And on par with that stupid voice chat through a smartphone device crap.


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