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NIS America Details Patches For Ys VIII On Nintendo Switch Following Launch

Some people are naturally concerned about the Nintendo Switch port of Ys VIII on the Nintendo Switch and the latest news from NIS America isn’t going to relieve those fears. The company has detailed some of the patches going forward despite the game not being out yet. Some people are wondering why they haven’t delayed the port until it’s fully ready but NIS America are sticking with the original release date of 29th June.

Thank you for your support and excitement for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA for Nintendo Switch. We wanted to outline the schedule for the upcoming patches, which we previously had communicated were coming soon, to address known text refinements and other issues. Due to the worldwide release of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, optimization was the top priority during development, and continues to be our focus.

You can check back to this page anytime to see the current status on the following items below:

Patch v1.01
Short Description: Fixes include adjustment to Nintendo Switch auto-sleep function, incorrect icons displaying, and text refinements.
Current Status: Ready for Launch
Actual Live Date: June 26

Patch v1.02
Short Description: Addressing crash issues, some aesthetic issues, and text refinements.
Current Status: Testing Round 2
Expected Live Date: Launch week

Patch v1.03
Short Description: Text refinements.
Current Status: Testing Round 1
Expected Live Date: Week after launch

Patch v1.04
Short Description: Japanese Voice Implementation and aesthetic refinements during cutscenes.
Current Status: Testing Round 1
Expected Live Date: Mid July 2018

If you are unsure what the statuses mean, you can see the Status workflow written below:

• Planning
• Development
• Testing Round 1
• Testing Round 2
• Ready for Launch

We will continue to update this schedule as new information comes in, and intend to keep this information as clear as possible while we implement these planned patches. Thank you again for your support.



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