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A Famitsu E3 Interview With Nintendo Treehouse Says That Not Every Stage Will Be Returning In Smash Bros. Ultimate

A big question that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have is about the roster of returning stages. So far, 80+ have been confirmed, leading some to believe that every stage from past Smash titles will be returning. However, an E3 2018 Famitsu interview with Nintendo Treehouse is suggesting otherwise. Source Gaming recently translated the interview, which was done with Nintendo Treehouse’s Nate Bihldorff and Bill Trinen. There, they said that “not every stage will be returning like every character will be”. Here’s Source Gaming’s tweet about the matter:

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  1. Odd that they didn’t gave a straight answer with GameXplain in their interview, but now are just straight up confirming this. Anyways 80+ is already an INSANE amount of stages, so I’m content.

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    1. Famitsu is a major publication in Nintendo’s home country, and those at this press event were likely all from similarly respected publications. GameXplain are a moderately notable Youtube channel in the US. When it comes to which is going to be the first to get given this information, it’s somewhat of a no-brained.


  2. I guess we don’t really need Sector Z if we already have Corneria and no point in having the Miiverse Stage back.It’s fine if not all of them return,but as long as fan favorites return like Hyrule Castle 64,I’ll be happy


    1. This makes sense as we need a good balance of old and new. There are multiple stages that are basically the same anyway like as you said Sector Z & Corneria, also the Animal Crossing stages from SSBB & the Wii U versions though both of those were in the Wii U version anyway. But there are stages like Battlefield & Final Destination that don’t really need to return. It would be cool however if they brought back or remixed the music from every Final Destination in the series, the one from SSB64 was great.


  3. Honestly, considering the amount of stages and characters we have, I’m fine with this.
    However, if there’s 1 more stage I’d love to see, it’s PokéFloats.

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  4. I’m pretty sure 99% stages will be in it, the reason why they can’t say ALL stages are coming back is because of the miiverse stage. Which makes sense, it would lower your expectations for a big surprise!

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  5. I just hope they have Mario Maker, that stage was legit! Also, stage maker returning would be nice (gotta have my smallest stage possible stage. Really fun when played with extra large heavy weights).


  6. That makes sense. There may be demand for most retro stages, but is anyone asking for the melee ice climbers stage or brawl’s scrolling dk stage? No.


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