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A New Super Bomberman R Update Has Added 10 New Characters, 3 Types Of Metal Gear Stages & More

Super Bomberman R got a very large update tonight, and it includes the Nintendo Switch version. The update added “the ‘Checkpoints’ rule to Grand Prix mode, three types of Metal Gear stages and 10 new characters available in the shop”. The new characters include Solid Snake and Naked Snake. Here’s a list of the new characters that were added:

  • Solid Snake Bomber
  • Naked Snake Bomber
  • Raiden Bomber
  • Bill Bomber
  • Lance Bomber
  • Vic Viper ZERO Bomber
  • Ayako Katagiri Bomber
  • Ebisumaru Bomber
  • Xavier Woods Bomber
  • Max


20 thoughts on “A New Super Bomberman R Update Has Added 10 New Characters, 3 Types Of Metal Gear Stages & More”

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    1. I hadn’t followed that thread in awhile, and reading this just went to check that thread. My comments were also removed, which were not in any way critical of anyone’s personal life choices. They were simply critical of the political movement in other ways. Real scumbag move ssf1991. Intolerance like yours is the problem.

      1. Hey, that post’s comment section has been locked as there were some genuinely nasty comments from a couple of people. SSF1991 was a little heavy handed I admit that. Some of the comments got stuck in pending due to the recent filter but I haven’t approved them as I have locked comments on that thread. Sorry to anyone who feels they were victimised :(

  2. That is neat. If Simon fails to make the cut for Ultimate, then he can duke it out with Snake in this game. And yes, I know this is not the first time Simon and Snake duked it out.

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      3. Yes, comment should be free, to a degree. However, some of the comments were just plain dreadful. But yes, it was handled the wrong way. I’ve also opened up the contact form so if you or anyone else have any issues just use that and I’ll reply when I’m awake.

    2. 1. Alright, so I understand it correctly, you just didn’t understand my question :D np
      2. Yeah, I think ssf1991 connected his attitudes in comments and his moderating duty together and this resulted in very controversial modding decisions, however at least I am glad he replied to my comment regarding his censorship as I thanks to that could understand who decided to delete it and why.
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