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Japan: The Recently Released Yokai Watch World Falls To Number Two

It would seem as though Yokai Watch World for mobile platforms hasn’t been quite the success that the media thought it would be. Dr. Serkan Toto has noted on Twitter that the game has fallen to number two in the Apple App Store after two days of being made available. The augmented reality title is at number 156 in the Grossing charts and has been outperformed by Pokemon Quest. which launched on the same day on mobile. So it doesn’t appear thus far that the game is the Pokemon GO killer that investors hoped.

8 thoughts on “Japan: The Recently Released Yokai Watch World Falls To Number Two”

  1. The game is really bad with the only memorable poke.. I mean Yokai being the cat, o fcourse the game was gonna be short lived with those godawful designs, Yokai Watch 3 did not even sell half of what 2 did, the series is dead already.

    1. You clearly dont know what you are talking about and I assume you havent touched a yo kai watch game in your life.

  2. I liked yokai watch at first but the series (anime) got to the point where it seemed it was shelling out episodes just for the sake of it. The yokai themselves also came across as useless most of the time and were more a burden then a help which became annoying lol. With that said I still like yokai watch a lot ! However it is quite a task to try and compete with Pokémon directly….

    A wise man once said…. “ A useless smashed cat will become a yokai, however it is still a useless smashed cat, but even a Magikarp can one day become a Mega Gyarados.”

    Ok so this man is me, but there’s truth to this statement 😋

    With that said… Jibanyan for Smash ?

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  4. Smilesoft should revive Telefang. I’m sure a Telefang mobile game would be a much better Pokémon Go competitor. The series is literally about collecting monster’s cellphone numbers to call them into battle and the designs are much better than Yokai Watch.
    Also, I’m sure a Smartphone app based Digimon V-Pet could take off if done right and marketed well.

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