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Mario Tennis Aces Has Been Updated To Version 1.1.1

Mario Tennis Aces came out a week ago, and Nintendo is already updating the game. The company has just released a new update for the game, which puts Mario Tennis Aces at version 1.1.1. This update focuses on rebalancing and bug fixes, but there is a new feature coming that may interest you. Starting July 1st, Online Tournaments will get “Ratings”. The official patch notes are below, which describe the new feature in more detail, as well as other changes.

  • Changes to Online Tournaments
    • The “Rating” feature will be added to the game on July 1, 2018. Ratings scores will start at 2,000 and go up after scoring points and go down when losing points in matches. It is a score that shows how strong the player is. (The in-game ranking board will continue to be based on Total Points.)
    • In cases where there is a disconnection during a match, ratings will go up or down based on the score in that match at that time.
    • When there is great discrepancy between players in ability, a player’s rating may not go up even if they win.
  • Changes to missions in Adventure mode
    • Forest Practice Court: We have adjusted how often the opponent uses Zone Shots.
    • Forest Edge: We have adjusted how quickly the opponent responds to shots.
    • Reflection Room: We have adjusted how much Energy is refilled.
    • Royal Chamber: We have adjusted how much Energy is refilled.
  • Other changes
    • Online Tournament: We have addressed an issue of settings not aligning with Options settings when starting a match.
    • Online Tournament: We have addressed an issue of the game freezing when pressing certain buttons after there is a communication error.
    • There will be further adjustments to game balance in matches and character performance.


8 thoughts on “Mario Tennis Aces Has Been Updated To Version 1.1.1”

      1. It’s one of those rooms in the mansion that I’m stuck on. I forget if it’s that one exactly, but it’s one of them.

        And there’s no need to be a jerk about it. Maybe I’m just not as good at this game as you are.

  1. Hopefully they nerve Bowser Jr (and Waluigi?) along with trick shots.
    Heh, it feels weird wanting BJ to get nerfed, considering I comain him in smash and he sucks.

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  3. Ok those ratings and how they work when you get disconnected is very very very bad. You’re telling me that just because I was losing in points when they turn on a lag switch I get penalized? Nah. Bad. Not to mention KOing a racket is a legit strategy when you’re losing in points.

  4. I have never encountered any issues in the Adventure Mode, if anything it’s actually too easy.

    The characters that need nerfing: Powerful Class, far too fast for a powerful class. (Chain Chomp takes up half the court too)

    The characters that need buffing: Speed class, man I feel for them,they have no real ability!

    Overall I love the game, great fun online and off.


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