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Video: Nintendo Unveils New Accolades Trailer For Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo has unveiled yet another trailer for Mario Tennis Aces. The latest promo for the recently-released sports game highlights some of the positive things critics have been saying about it. You can check out the official accolades trailer in the video below. A special Mario Tennis Aces tournament will be held tomorrow, June 30, at the Nintendo NY store in New York, where fans will be able to receive free sweatbands just for participating.


  1. Surprised to only see 3 scores and one of them is a little low. I wonder why they had to reach so far on this game?

  2. 7.5 is not so bad but it is not exactly an accolade score either. So far i am happy about this game, i find it challenging yet addictive especially the new mechanics like the energy gauge.

  3. 7.5 plus very few reviews… I would have avoided accolades for this game (that I sincerely appreciate), Nintendo marketing: bad job.

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