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Nintendo Switch, Xbox One And PC Cross-Party Support Coming To Rocket League

Rocket League players on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, will soon be able to link theirย Rocket League ID’s which will finally allow for long-awaited parties. The news was announced during the latest episode of Inside Xbox along with the news that Rocket League is now available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

“Recently, the game got cross-play with Nintendo Switch, but there was no solution to partying up outside of private matches. Luckily, that will change with the addition of the “Rocket ID” system.”



  1. 2 loser companies teaming up against the Winner (Sony) this gen.
    Maybe should stop being so stubborn and leave the 90’s.

    1. INB4 Triggered Game boys starting the assault like their life depends on it. Truth hurt folks.

      1. Also, the Xbox came out in the 2000s. Get your facts straight before making delusional comments.

      2. I checked my old Game Boy. No trigger. I even searched to see if anyone had modified their Game Boy into an assault rifle on YouTube or something and was sadly disappointed by the internet this time. I’m not sure if I was expecting a Game Boy that worked like a gun or a gun that shot Game Boys, but I got squat. I couldn’t even find something that shot bricks to potentially modify for Game Boys. I don’t think Game Boys can be triggered, is what I’m saying. They only had buttons.

    2. If by โ€œ2 loser companiesโ€ you mean Microsoft and PC, then theres hope for you yet.

  2. Wow. Another cross platform game that Sony is not a part of. Who would have thought that Sony would be the odd one out?

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