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Ancho-V Games Stage Returning In Splatoon 2 Plus New Weapons

Nintendo has announced that yet another new stage is coming to Splatoon 2. If you owned the original Splatoon on the Wii U then you will be familiar with it as it is the Ancho-V Games Stage. It’s great to see more stages being added and you can’t help feel that Nintendo is continuing to step up its game in the light of added competition for players time in the popular Fortnite by Epic Games, also available on Nintendo Switch.



Thanks to Magitroopa for the news tip!

17 thoughts on “Ancho-V Games Stage Returning In Splatoon 2 Plus New Weapons”

    1. I can notice the sarcasm in your comment. :P And although Splatoon and Fortnite are two completely different games, I’d rather play Splatoon anyday! Controls feel more refined in comparisson to Fortnite, let alone the gameplay and mechanics are more deep and in consequence they are more fun.

      Such a shame Splatoon is so underrated (I know in Japan is big, but I wish it was a bigger game overseas).

    1. MK8 has different devs so that’s not how it works I suggest you actually check on who makes the updates for splatoon instead of whining about a game that’s really old and deserves a proper sequel

    2. You suck at the game and are salty? No need to spit your venom just ignore it if you dislike it that much, simple as that.

      Why go out of your way to write a hateful comment on a nintendo fan website knowing full well that many splatoon fans visit regularily

      Or maybe you are just a “troll” and thats how you make your life a little less miserable

  1. after the sloshing machine and the bath tub slosh we need the toilet slosher (would be my new main XD)
    Please make it happen Nintendo, squid research lab Im counting on you!!!

  2. How long did the first Splatoon game get support?
    Anyway, it’s nice to see this still getting support.

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