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An Internet Download Will Be Required For The Banner Saga Trilogy On Switch

It has been just one week since The Banner Saga Trilogy was announced for the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, some of you looking forward to the release may be disappointed to hear that you will need an internet download and microSD card to be able to play The Banner Saga Trilogy. The news comes from an image of the box art that appeared on the trilogy’s Amazon listing, so we’ve included the box art picture for you down below.



  1. I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised, but I have to ask just how big this game is that even with a physical copy that already has a good chunk of data on it you still NEED a micro SD card to fit the rest. Is the Switch’s paltry internal memory not enough?

  2. Told you so Physical is pointless at this point in time, time to move forward. None of these physical games hold any value anymore, just plastic case with SD card inside and a print. No booklet and no complete game on the cartridge.

    But keep doing what you doing, for as long it last. Bruh

    1. At least physical you have the choice to sell or lend to your friends/family.

      With digital. NEITHER.

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