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Video: New Kirby Star Allies Trailer Showcases Daroach Gameplay On Nintendo Switch

The second free update for Kirby Star Allies is set to arrive on July 27 for Nintendo Switch. It will implement several additional playable characters, including Daroach, Dark Meta Knight, Adeleine and Ribbon. As the mischievous captain of the Squeaks, Daroach can call on his old friends from the Squeaks for help. To view some gameplay footage showcasing this unique ability in action, check out the official trailer below:


  1. Oh this made me nostalgic not that Squeak Squad was even my first Kirby game (Original Dreamland for Gameboy was!) . It’s not even my favorite Kirby but it’s a solid title. I enjoyed beating it just fine and did love the Squeaks theme. So very cool. Can’t wait to see move vids for all upcoming characters.

    1. Look, if you don’t like this game, that is your problem, but stop being such a douchebag fanboy.

    2. You’re a nobody. Don’t talk to me. Besides I have access to a PS4 also. I’ve beaten Dark Souls multiple times. I still love Kirby and play the games. The only thing childish in the comments are people who actually partake in console wars. A relic of the 90s when children argued that their console mascot was better than the other. (Sonic vs Mario) Meanwhile people who love games enjoy games across consoles and don’t give a shit about petty console squabbles.

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