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Latest Edition Of Nintendo Power Podcast Now Available

The Nintendo Power podcast is back for the month of July and there’s plenty to keep listeners interested this month. It’s a not to be missed episode for fans of the Overcooked series as Phil Duncan and Olie De-Vine from Ghost Town Games are at hand to discuss the original as well as the soon to be released sequel, Overcooked 2.

Host Chris Slate is joined by two guests from Nintendo Of America – Doug Bowser, head of Sales & Marketing, and Katie Casper from the Publisher and Developer Relations group – to discuss recent and upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch(TM) system, plus the debut of Nintendo Power™ magazine 30 years ago. Chris also chats with Phil Duncan and Olie De-Vine from Ghost Town Games about the creation of the Overcooked! Special Edition game and its upcoming sequel, Overcooked! 2.

Listen here!

8 thoughts on “Latest Edition Of Nintendo Power Podcast Now Available”

  1. Man, I miss the smell of a fresh monthly magazine and dreaming about the games you could get. Not sure if the internet was a good thing …

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