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RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures Coming To Nintendo Switch This Autumn

Those of you who’ve been yearning for RollerCoaster Tycoon on the Nintendo Switch will be pleased to hear that the game is progressing nicely on the platform. The team says that the game is almost ready so we shouldn’t have too long to wait until we are informed of a solid release date. At present it is scheduled for this autumn. The game is also now titled RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures and here are the key features:

• Exciting Game Modes: Create outrageous parks in 3 different fun-filled modes –
Adventure, Scenario, and Sandbox.
• Choose your own Adventure: A first for RCT, Adventure Mode’s brand-new Event
System makes every park unique. You’ll have to make tough decisions when
presented with park events, ensuring that every playthrough of Adventure Mode is a
compelling new Tycoon story.
• Thrill Rides: Place 7 types of fully customizable roller coasters in your park –
Wooden, Steel, Winged, Hyper, Inverted, Dive, and Accelerator. Use the ride cam for
maximum thrills!
• Intuitive Management System: Streamlined management and easy-to-use tools
make RCT Switch the most accessible entry into the RCT franchise, and a perfect fit
for the Switch.
• Personalize your Park: Pick from over 50 vivid colors to customize rides, roller
coasters, shops and restaurants.
• Park Terraforming: Modify your land with pre-made path, foliage and river tiles.
• Immersive Environments: Build incredible parks in 4 distinctive locations – Alpine,
Moon, Canyon, and Tropics.
• Attractions Galore: Choose from over 120 wacky rides, restaurants and shops for
your park, from the humble Merry-go-Round to the death-defying Roto-Drop, all
featuring advanced shaders and effects.
• Intuitive JoyCon or Touchscreen Controls gives you the freedom to play the way
you want.
• Runs at 1080P @ 30FPS docked, and 720P @ 30FPS in handheld mode.



20 thoughts on “RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures Coming To Nintendo Switch This Autumn”

  1. Hmm… I’m not sold on it. Seems like they’ve simplified it so much that it doesn’t have the super custom feel that it used to.

    1. Don’t fall for this Atari cahshgrab. It’s a port of the mobile game one of the worst in the series right after RCTW.

      1. Buying because it reminds you of RCT1? RCT1 at least had ride entrances and exits, be sure to do your research before purchasing, there’s a reason a lot of people are coming here and tell you not to buy it.

    1. Please save your money for a game that’s actually worht it. This is just a cashgrab, a port from the mobile “game” which is one of the worst im the series right after RCTW

    1. This is not roller coaster tycoon, this is a mobile phone game FULL of microtransactions. It has nothing to do with roller cosster tycoon other in name.

      1. Its a port of Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch on Mobile, but without the transactions, you can see them porting objects from touch into RCTSwitch in their funding video (after claiming they make billions) people “hate” on them for reasons, be sure to research before you purchase.

    2. It’s just a port from the cashgrab that is the mobile “game”. Save your money for something that is actually worth something

  2. For anynbody that has considered purchasing this game, be sure to do your research first!
    Atari hired NVIZZIO to work on this, and it is a “port” yes, thats right, a port of Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch on mobile, something else that NVIZZIO also worked on, if you go compare screenshots / artwork, you’d have to be blind to not realize its the same game.

    If they haven’t removed it from youtube yet, go check out the crowdfunding video for this game in which the CCO of Atari acts all smug and says how they’ve made billions over the year, then tells you to crowdfund the game yourself, clearly they didn’t believe in their idea, its kind of disgusting when crowdfunding is something that is made for small independant developers and yet you have Atari here, trying to crowdfund a port.

    Fun fact, if the crowdfunding site is no longer up, NVIZZIO also created the newest Rollercoaster Tycoon for PC, but for some strange reason, that was not on the timeline that they used on their crowdfunding page, that game had 3 different developers, stolen artwork from simulation software “No Limits 2” various community managers who could not answer questions about the game.

    This will not (I promise you) WILL NOT be the fun type of Rollercoaster Tycoon game you’re hoping for, one person said it reminds them of RCT1, but at least RCT1 had queue lines, and more realistic coaster building than that jaggedy track looking thing in the screenshots.

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