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Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Explains How He’d Make A Zelda Movie

Jordan Vogt-Roberts talked about how he would do a Metroid movie last week, but this wouldn’t be the last time that he would be asked about Nintendo franchises. IGN interviewed him once again, this time at San Diego Comic Con, where he discussed how he would do a Zelda movie. Here’s what the Metal Gear Solid movie director said about the matter in full:

“The thing about Zelda is Zelda is not Lord of the Rings, right? You cannot forget how quirky and bizarre Zelda is. I think you need to find a way to actually fuse the traditional Zelda and the very new Zelda.”

“I think you have to find a way to very intensely fuse the pure just sort of fantasy of The Ocarina of Time and The Link to the Past, but then I think you need to find a way to incorporate the newer pseudo-tech stuff — you know, the lasers and Tron lines that happen in the newer games, but in a way that’s not overwhelming.”


27 thoughts on “Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Explains How He’d Make A Zelda Movie”

  1. Please no, please no they gonna destroy the brand. Just don’t. Star Wars is enough.
    They gonna make it all feminist Zelda Movie and destroy it.

    Zelda games is always about you, you are link, linking people together you just can’t make a movie about it.
    It must be interactive, it’s so against Shigeru vision.

    Stop, stop, stop it’s time to stop !

    1. ‘Feminist Zelda movie’, haha fek off. Bet you’re the sort of guy who hated the last jedi cause it had too many women in it for ya. Boo hooooo. Boring insecure men are the worst in nerd communities.

    2. I’ll never fully understand why straight men hate women in their films so much lol. Nothing wrong with the occasional damsel but they can’t all be princesses stuck in a deep sleep, dungeon, or made into glorified quest givers. Grow up. lol

    3. Unless Miyamoto himself said “I never want there to be a Zelda movie” It’s not against his vision. It’s not like the movie would be considered canon anyways. Also, do you really think that feminists have their mitts in every movie? And that just because a feminist might be involved that it’s automatically going to ruin it? I mean, if there was a movie that was about Zelda and her backstory as Shiek would you think it ruined? How about one that took place from the perspective of the Gerudo?

  2. We don’t need Jordan Vogt-Roberts vision about Zelda games.

    The day Shigeru is gone, will be the day it will all fall apart. The game was never about the story, really. Shigeru didn’t like that.

      1. Personally I think they should put Yoshiaka Koizumi in charge of Zelda. He’s the one who the wrote the stories of A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and The Wind Waker…

        …which are the five Zelda games with the most engaging stories. But Nintendo promoted Koizumi and shifted him to Mario, while keeping Aonuma in charge of Zelda. I don’t dislike Aonuma, but Koizumi am I seem to share the same ideas for what a Zelda story should be. He introduced Ganon’s Malice, the Sealing War, the flooding of Hyrule and all of those interesting storylines that all seem connected.

        1. Considering for a time Mario was becoming the more stagnant of the two creatively, I’m very happy they placed Koizumi as director of Odyssey.
          I would like to see Capcom take the reigns again for another top down Zelda game.
          But yes, Koizumi has been a guiding hand in some of the most critically acclaimed games of all time.

  3. I honestly don’t want a Zelda movie. It’s my favorite game series, but there’s a fundamental difference between what makes a game good and what makes a movie good. That said, if one was made, I would seriously hope it’s not live-action. The ideal would be Ghibli style animation.

      1. More like a “Lord of the Cringe” Seeing anyone irl dressed as Link, Zelda, or Ganon just looks plain silly. Zelda shines brightest in its native anime/comic style.

    1. So long as the heads at Ghibli don’t write the story. They seriously lost the goose that laid the golden eggs when Miyazaki retired(unless he’s come back out of retirement for the umpteenth time)

  4. I’ve always thought “Do something the games couldn’t do” which, my choice would be… a cowardly, con-man Link who gets thrust into the role as hero. Think Han Solo but he’s a bit more cowardly.
    And it’s something you could never do in games because Link is the Player and the Player has no problem sending Link over chasms, into fights with beats, or diving through the sky.

    1. Totes. People always say that Link needs to be mute like the games, but he canonically is not mute in the games. Any time the game gives you a dialogue option, that is Link speaking. He doesn’t sign his answers like he would if he was mute. I think the best approach would be a Link of few words, a good listener, who often responds with a nod, but who ABSOLUTELY speaks when it makes sense to speak like a real person.

      1. Definitely doesn’t need to be the talkative type. Something similar to Aragorn from the LotR movies would be nice as I remember he wasn’t too talkative but he wasn’t too silent, either.

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