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Video: Nintendo Minute Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate With Fans At San Diego Comic Con

This week’s Nintendo Minute episode is early, and for a good reason. Kit and Krysta have just returned from San Diego Comic Con, so the pair have some memories to share with fans. They said in the video description that “we had the best time last week at San Diego Comic-Con. The coolest part was getting the chance to meet some of you in person, hanging out and playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Thank you so much for coming to our event. We had so much fun”. Here’s the video:



    1. Heck I hate to be *that guy* but they were technically Mega Construx

      I’m sorry 😂 I’m particular like that

  1. There’s about 2 seconds of off-screen Smash footage in this video. The rest is them talking about their trip.

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