Nintendo Switch

Japan: Octopath Traveler For Nintendo Switch Still Sold Out In Stores In Tokyo

Octopath Traveler on the Nintendo Switch has been a runaway success for Square Enix receiving great review scores on a platform which just keeps growing. Dr. Serkan Toto from Kantan Games says that from his observations the game is sold out in stores around Tokyo, Japan and shop assistants still have no idea when fresh stock will arrive. Japanese gamers are being told to purchase the game digitally or purchase eShop cards.



  1. Physical is sold out, not digital.

    Physical is for people who are against climate/nature and love some good old factory’s producing plastic toxic, and cutting the Amazon away for some cover they can look at for 5min and get durrr durrr HYPED.

    Because Digital isn’t an game right. You can’t play this game in 30 years right ? Like you would and like you have no other option at all … VC, ROMs, remakes. 🤦‍♂️


    1. Thanks for explaining to us what we should buy. How about you do digital if that’s what you want to do and let the rest of us decide for ourselves what to get.


    1. It stands in a class of its own for it’s little niche of a sub-genre. There haven’t been many non-linear jrpgs…. *ever*, and the ones that do exist tend to suffer from extremely awkward spikes in difficulty and unintuitive character optimization.


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