Video: Nintendo Minute Plays WarioWare Gold

As Kit and Krysta of Nintendo Minute like to remind you, Nintendo Minute “is never a minute”. Well, the tradition has been broken. A brand new episode of Nintendo Minute has been released, featuring some WarioWare Gold gameplay. WarioWare is known for its fast microgames, so Nintendo Minute celebrate this with a quick episode. In fact, Nintendo Minute is finally a minute. Here’s the video:


  1. Whether Nintendo Minute is an actual minute or not. I downloaded WWG on my 2ds.

    Needless to say “that shit is 2 HYPE!”

  2. Eh, I dunno about this one. I had WarioWare: Touched back on DS but it couldn’t really hold my attention after I played through everyone’s sets of games and it’s been maybe 6 years since I last even looked at WarioWare DIY which I still have.

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