VentureBeat: Nintendo Was #1 In Gaming Industry Television Ad Spending In July 2018

The latest gaming industry television ad spending data has been released. This data applies for the month of July 2018. Nintendo was the #1 provider of gaming industry television ad spending in July.  31.7% of July’s gaming television ad spending came from Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft did not make an appearance in this month’s Top 5 gaming ad spending chart.

According to VentureBeat, “Nintendo had an estimated spend of $5.8 million on 14 spots that ran over 3,100 times, generating 399.7 million impressions. ‘Mario Tennis Aces: Swing Into Action’ had the biggest budget (est. $1.2 million). As usual, Nintendo prioritized reaching a family-friendly audience with top spend across networks such as Nick Toons, Nick, and Cartoon Network, and during shows including The Loud House, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Bunsen Is a Beast!”. Here’s the chart data:



  1. Holy (BLEEP)! Nintendo is dominating the commercial!
    We’ll be right back after a word sponsored by Nintendo!

  2. Who is really watching cable in this day and age?!?! Most people use apps for everything.

    I hope Nintendo isn’t pissing money away just so they can say “Oh yay! We were the most watched on a dying way of watching T.V programs!”.

    If Nintendo is seeing success from this then that is awesome! Something tells me Nintendo isn’t.

    1. The article tells you how many impressions the commercials generated, so their reach is no mystery.
      Nintendo is simply trying to change its image. They’ve had two long generations of Wii and now want nothing to do with Wii -they are trying to bury the brand in the mainstream mind while promoting the Switch and its new titles.
      I say, good. Nintendo hasn’t tried hard enough in too long. Time to compete!

  3. Because they are in recovery mode after Wii U. Sure lot’s of commercials, cool !
    Maybe next time use that money to pay engineer who can develop an Switch that doesn’t bend from the heat
    and make some serious Joy cons instead of this cheap crap.

    1. You see one pic of bent Switch on the internet and you take it as a fact that there is something wrong with design?
      Joy-Cons could have been better though, too tiny for my hands and already have to fix locking mechanism on 2 of them.

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