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New Smash Bros Ultimate Character Seems To Have Been Leaked Through Music Update

It seems that a new character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been leaked via the game’s YouTube channel. The character, which is most likely to be announced today, is Simon Belmont from the Castlevania franchise. He has long been rumoured by leakers to appear in the game and this pretty much confirms that they were correct.

“Last week’s Galaga music update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had its title changed on the official Smash Bros. Youtube channel. The new name? Bloody Tears / Monster Dance. The song that plays is still Galaga, but this seems to all but confirm Simon is being announced tomorrow.”

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8 thoughts on “New Smash Bros Ultimate Character Seems To Have Been Leaked Through Music Update”

  1. That’s a great choice. I”ve actually only played a handful of Castlevania games and think they’re solid but am not a big time Castlevania fan. HOWEVER, I know how impactful the franchise is. I mean just look how “Metrovania” is pretty much a genre title. It’s an influence on many modern titles including the souls series. It’s an iconic franchise.

    If a new character was going to be announced it might as well be another big time icon versus some of these Nintendo small fries that people keep suggesting. He joins other influential third party icons like Pac-Man, Sonic, and Megaman… and he deserves it.

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