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Donkey Kong Country Designer Wishes He Gave King K. Rool A Better Name Now That He’s In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The reveal of King K. Rool as a new playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was arguably the most surprising thing that came out of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. However, there are now some regrets surfacing regarding the character’s “slightly rubbish name.” Donkey Kong Country designer Gregg Mayles of Rare had the following to say about the permanent label attached to the menacing antagonist:


    1. The xbots have infected his mind. Now he thinks his past works are a mistake but then King Sakurai what his men and women can do and now he is a bit confused

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    2. Hmmm… Well for me, the name always seemed a bit odd, especially when I was a kid.
      It was confusing because I thought it was pronounced “King Krool” (King Cruel) and even “King Kool” (King Cool).
      But after all this time, the name has kinda grown on me. :P


  1. I love his name, but only because he himself is cool and made me like everything about him. I find game designer insight like this so interesting though! I wonder what he wished he named him! Because I think King K. Rool at least does a good job at capturing the humor of the original Rare development team.

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  2. Compared to everything else in the DKC series, the name fits in just fine.

    At least his group isn’t called Team Meanies or something juvenile like that.


  3. I dunno, King Krusha Rool works a lot of different ways, even if it took four games to figure out what the K stands for.

    The second K.


  4. He never needed a better name. His name is two puns: K. Rool for cruel & rool as in rule since he’s a king. This name was made back when puns weren’t used as much (or as meme-able) as they are today.

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    1. So yeah. He’s being slightly modest while, at the same time, it would seem like a silly name for someone that can’t figure out the puns involved in the name.


  5. Did anyone ever notice the resemblance that King K. Rool has to King Koopa from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show? Also, does anyone else (besides me) wish that Nintendo would bring back Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2? That would make my day if they added him to Smash Ultimate.


    1. Wart isn’t appeared in any Super Mario Bros game since SMB2

      So I don’t think he will get the chance


  6. Can’t stuff the Jigglypuff
    Can’t sink the Link
    Can’t attack the Mac
    Can’t toy with Roy
    Can’t mess with Ness
    Can’t block the Doc
    Can’t sack the Pac
    Can’t wrong the Kong
    Can’t break the Snake
    Can’t box the Fox
    Can’t drool on K. Rool

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      1. that’s better than drool…

        Can’t freak the Sheik
        Can’t detain the Captain… (unsure about this one)
        Can’t spike the Ike
        Can’t shorten the Moreton
        Can’t parry the Larry
        Can’t dwarf the Ganondorf
        Can’t botch the Watch
        Can’t shunt the Hunt
        Can’t bite the Knight
        Can’t mob the R.O.B
        Can’t flee the Mii
        Can’t stomp the Belmont
        Can’t injure the Greninja (pretty fucking proud of this)
        Can’t pillage the Village
        Can’t bomb the Chrom

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  7. Am I the only one to see this comment as a false modest way to remind us of who originally designed this game on Nintendo, before then ditching them?


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