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Europe: Splatfest Happening 18th August Choose Between Relaxing Or Adventure Holiday

The next European Splatoon 2 Splatfest will commence on Saturday, 18th of August. It begins at 3pm BST and this time players are asked whether they would rather relax on holiday or participate in some adventure during their holidays. So you can either pick Team Relax or Team Adventure. Good luck picking a side!



  1. Hmm…this is actually tough because I love chilling and relaxing but I also really love adventuring…

  2. I never played the orginal splatoon but just looking at the ones in the wii u versions, splatoon has water down the splafest in this sequal most of them are either basic or weird or just dont make any sense really hoping we can get something cool in september also team adventure all the way

      1. literally almost anyone who played the original title on the Wii U calls the switch versions a water down version also the fact you commented shows you care

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