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Video: Smash Bros 3DS & Smash Ultimate Returning Stages Graphics Comparison

Yesterday, you may recall that GameXplain did a graphics comparison of the Smash Wii U stages that are returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Well, it is now time for Smash 3DS to have its time in the spotlight. GameXplain has released another graphics comparison video. This time, GameXplain takes a look at the Smash 3DS stages that will be returning in the upcoming Switch title. Here’s the video:


10 thoughts on “Video: Smash Bros 3DS & Smash Ultimate Returning Stages Graphics Comparison”

  1. I’ve seen people online still believe the Switch is weaker than the Wii U and last gen, but time and time again I’ve seen double the proof showing that is simply not the case. These comparison videos are really showing the amount of detail the devs are will to put into this game thanks to how powerful the Switch is compared to Last Gen, Wii U and the 3DS (If we’re talking about Handheld Mode).

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