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Video: Smash Bros Wii U & Smash Ultimate Returning Stages Graphics Comparison

A lot of the stages from Super Smash Bros. Wii U will be returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So, GameXplain have decided to see how the graphics have changed in the upcoming Switch title. It turns out that the stages have gotten quite an upgrade. If you want to see the graphics comparison video for yourself, we’ve included it for you down below.


52 thoughts on “Video: Smash Bros Wii U & Smash Ultimate Returning Stages Graphics Comparison”

    1. Well yeah it is, it’s not new game or engine like from gamecube game to wii smash

      The reason you still have to mention everyone it’s not a port says enough.

      I never heard someone say Mario oddesey is a port of Mario galaxy, because we know I can see unlike Smash.

      So stop with manipulation, we ain’t falling for it. It’s a cleaned up port with all dlc like Mario Kart deluxe.

      Switch = Wii U 2.0, get used to it.

      Singed realist Nintendo fan.

      1. “A cleaned up port with all DLC”…and ~15 extra characters. And ~50 extra stages. And new modes, new items, features. And clearly all the assets have been enhanced as seen in this video. It’s nothing like MK8D which basically just upped res to 1080p, added battle mode, and called it a day. No extra tracks (outside of battle mode), old assets simply reused as they were, very few new characters, I think it’s fair to call MK8D an enhanced port.

        Ultimate is simply a sequel. It might be a sequel that’s more Galaxy 2 than Odyssey, but it’s a sequel nonetheless.

      2. Smash Bros Ultimate is a new game based on a similar engine to the Wii U version. It isn’t the same game, there are clear differences between Ultimate and Wii U. I’d say watch the Nintendo Direct on it, but I doubt you would anyway since you want to live in your echo chamber. You continue to split hairs to show you have some brilliant narrative and try to drag us down with you. To quote you, “we ain’t falling for it.”

        I don’t think Nintendo could do much to impress you. Do us all a favor? Trade up all your Nintendo stuff, go snuggle with your PS4 or whatever it is you like and stop trolling. Just lock yourself in your parents basements, the world is too scary for you.

      3. Smash 4 uses brawl’s engine, does that mean smash 4 is a port of brawl? Not to mention it doesn’t use the same engine at all, it’s not even based on the same engine. The rendering engine is completely new and the physics engine is also completely different.

      1. Maybe have that ghost pikachu one as a float and if you knock anybody inside of it (from the opening in the bottom) they hit a KO zone like the lava in Great Cave Offensive.

    1. I feel like it may be because of how many moving parts there are in the stage and how much knowledge of what pops up next is a bit much compared to simpler stages like Reset Bomb Forest or Castle Siege. I was playing PF in Melee with friends a few weeks back and had one of them dead to rights only for the Goldeen to come up and save him at the last second.

      I guess it could be considered a scrolling stage and several of those have not been shown and might be skipped for Ultimate, such as Rumble Falls and Icicle Mountain, but that’s just my thought process.

    1. Ya Galaxy’s background isn’t as pretty in ultimate. Other than that, i think they all look fantastic

    1. Even the backgrounds. Look at Bridge of Eldin and you can really see the effort they are making. I’d wager maybe even some staff is cleaning up some graphics in stages while they are still balancing the game. Some of these might even look more refined.

    1. Looks like they forgot to change it. I don’t think there ever was a Wuhu Island game on the Wii U, so I’m assuming they used the Wii U logo because that was the system the stage was played on.

  1. “Here’s all 103 stages, also, you start with all of them. Here’s the stages.”

    This indirectly deconfirms any characters who aren’t from already-represented franchises. No Golden Sun stage, no Rhythm Heaven stage, no Advance Wars, no third-party who isn’t represented… welp, looking forward to the DLC characters starting with Rex and Spring Man, two characters from games made after the roster was finalized.

    Please enjoy the final newcomers Balloon Fighter, Nintendog Owner, and Foreman Spike.

    1. You don’t know that, “total” does not mean “final”, no matter how much people like to think it does… they also said there 66 fighters, but now its 71, so there’s that as well lol

      1. They didn’t show character quantity comparisons between the games, but they did with music and stages.

        They didn’t say this was the final stage count, but they also didn’t say “so far.” Maybe I’m looking too much into this.

  2. There’s only one insight you can get from the stage information about new fighters… And that is that Paper Mario won’t be a fighter.

      1. I wouldn’t take it as gospel. Even if 103 is the final stage count of the base game… there will most likely be DLC stages. Maybe even free stages like some were for Smash 4.
        At any rate, I think Sakurai just said it because they hit the 100+ mark with number of stages and that’s really more than enough. Any surprises after that is just gravy.

      2. I brought up DLC in my original statement since they’re obviously not gonna count post-DLC.

        And Geno technically isn’t deconfirmed, so there’s that going, and they can legally use him now that Squeenix is involved from the get-go.

  3. Almost every stage looks more vibrant and pronounced, more colorful. Bridge of Eldin seems to have the biggest upgrade with numerous trees and rocks dotting the canyon that weren’t there in previous Smash titles. I love it.

  4. Most excited for the return of Fourside City.
    Loved that stage to death in Melee.

    I have to say though, I am utterly disappointed by the fact that all the stages are available at the start.
    I for one find enjoyment in unlocking them.

  5. Wow they cleaned it up after 4 years, something other games do for free. Yet again Nintendo wants another 60 bucks from you for exactly same game you can play now on 3DS and Wii U

    Truth hurts, and some are in denial.

  6. What are you on about? The game so far features numerous changes for every returning character in the series; this is as clear as day, no matter how you look at it. People have gone out of their way to make lists of changes and modifications characters have received (their pages on is the easiest place to see these lists), and some like Ganondorf had visual overhauls.

    Now consider the actual characters; counting the Mii Fighters as 3 separate characters, but skipping over Dark Pit and Lucina, 3DS/Wii U had 20 new characters. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so far, has 4 completely new characters, but you can’t forget old veterans. Ice Climbers, Young Link, Pichu, Wolf, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Snake had to be completely redesigned from scratch (that brings the total up to 11 newly designed characters). And we do know there are more on the way; we also have 4 Echo Fighters who haven’t taken up much development time, but are welcome additions from most of the fanbase. You really are just ignoring the facts if you think that 11 characters, 4 Echo Fighters, and the huge number of modifications being made to the rest of the case don’t take a lot of development time (that is 65 characters who aren’t going to play the same way they did in 3DS and Wii U). Do not forget that 11 is far from the final number, we have more characters to be announced in the future as well (we have just under 4 months for more character reveals, it’s safe to expect at least 3 more unique newcomers, and who knows how many Echo Fighters)

    Beyond that, we only have 4 completely new stages so far, but you can’t forget that they’re also bringing back 21 stages that weren’t in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U; those, as well as every stage returning from the 3DS version have to be largely remade. There are so many stages that already exist and serve a purpose that we do not need as many new ones this time around. The lighting and rendering systems were completely redone from scratch, which gives this game a look all its own; models and textures have all been updated as well, some characters and stages make this so obvious, but even those who aren’t obvious have still had changes made to them.

    And now we get to the gameplay. The actual combat has a feel all its own, nothing like it did in 3DS/Wii U. The speed of the game has been increased once again, it’s a middle-ground between those games and Melee. Knockback has also been increased, meaning characters will shoot out much faster than before, but also slow down suddenly as well; while it will take some getting used to (just like any other new game’s mechanics would), it’s a matter of getting back into the action faster than before. There are also the new dodging mechanics; we have a directional air-dodge, and unlike 3DS/Wii U, you will actually get penalized for dodging too much in quick succession. This game has a deeper focus on the actual fighting rather than shielding and dodging as the main focus. And just because you might not use them, Items, Poke Balls, and Assist Trophies have all been updated with more content than before. And now we get to that new mode; considering they didn’t want to reveal it to us just yet, it gives off a feeling that it’s something bigger than Smash Tour or Smash Run; we don’t yet know what it is, but it will likely have a connection to the boss fights we’ve seen so far (Dracula and Rathalos, neither of them appear on a normal stage).

    I’m sure you’ll just write me off as a troll and ignore the evidence I have presented though, so be my guest. But my suggestion to you is that you get your head our of your ass and think before your speak.

    1. I can’t even tell what happened here, I was replying to PiepiePe above, but it posted as its own comment… hmm

      1. Don’t bother. That person is a legitimate troll.

        Here’s the thing with this argument and why it’s stupid… It’s likely not the same engine that Wii U used. See… To these people, 3DS and Wii U smash are the same game but they were made with different engines. Now, they’d probably counter with “Well, they play exactly the same!” which is a fair point and also true… But then you just have to point them to the fact that Ultimate DOES play differently from Wii U and 3DS so… How is it a port when it’s on a new engine and plays differently?

  7. One thing I’ve 100% noticed on every stage is that the colors are more vibrant. Compared to Ultimate, Smash Wii U’s colors are a little bit muted.

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