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The Niantic Kids Login Platform Has Arrived In Pokemon GO’s Latest Update

A brand new Pokemon GO update has been released for iOS and Android devices. This update does add a few things, including a few adjustments to the Friend List, as well as plenty of bug fixes. However, the biggest addition is the arrival of the Niantic Kids login platform. Niantics Kids is a new way for younger players to login and use an account, including parental controls. We’ve included a list of the changes down below, so if you want to, feel free to check it out.

  • added the Niantic Kids login platform
  • updated the Friend List to give a blue indicator if you have increased your friendship level
  • updated with an arrow on the friend list if you have sent a gift
  • can now turn off the ability to share what you last caught on your Friend List
  • on the notification that a raid battle is starting soon, it will show you a picture of the Gym it’s starting at
  • fixes a number of bugs in the game
  • remedies a GO Plus glitch where if you use a berry and then run from a Pokémon, the game would crash when you’d return to it

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