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Video: Check out The Official Story Trailer For Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna ~ The Golden Country

Nintendo released multiple trailers for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 this week. The latest promo invites you to see where the story all began through the eyes of characters in Torna ~ The Golden Country. Scheduled to arrive on September 14 for Nintendo Switch, the upcoming add-on is set in the year 3564 – when the capital city of Coeia fell overnight, sinking beneath the clouds with the rest of the Titan. What’s more, a single Blade is responsible for this turn of events. You can learn more by watching the official story trailer in the embedded video below:


  1. I’ll wait & play the game. I want to see things fresh as I play it. (Avoiding a good majority of trailers for other story driven games, too.)

    (I’m getting new post emails again. Must have accidentally turned them off some time ago. Now to wait & see if I get new comment emails, too.)

    1. It is and if you already bought the season pass you get to download it when it releases but you can buy the standalone physical copy of this DLC, you don’t need the full game to play this but you will need the full game for the other DLC.

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