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Bandai Namco Says “We’ll Think About The Possibility” Of SoulCalibur VI On Nintendo Switch

SoulCalibur VI is set to entertain the masses when it launches next month on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A Nintendo Switch version hasn’t been announced by Bandai Namco but they are not ruling it out. Speaking to Dual Shockers at last week’s Gamescom 2018 event SoulCalibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo had the following to say:

“At the moment there is no development for Switch at all. I understand that the Switch is a very successful hardware, and of course if there is a possibility, then it would be great to do it.

At the moment we’re focusing on the October 19th launch, so we don’t even have the time to think about that possibility. After the launch we’ll think about the possibility.”

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45 thoughts on “Bandai Namco Says “We’ll Think About The Possibility” Of SoulCalibur VI On Nintendo Switch”

  1. Who remembers when the gamecube version outsold the others only for it to not come back to gamecube On the sequel?

    1. I do and I still don’t understand their move back then! They just ignored the numbers and ignored the console for absolutely no reason!

      1. dude the reason is 100% known its NINTENDO HATE the industry hates nintendo they seen a success on nintendo and didnt like it back to sucking on sonys dick the thought of a dominant tendo fills these idiots with dread

        1. I guess it’s easier to believe Nintendo is some victim of a grand conspiracy than to believe that Nintendo isn’t the center of the video game universe anymore like it use to be and that they miss out on things every now & then because of their own decisions. Wait. Bowler AA, is that you? My mistake. I thought I was speaking to someone with an actual brain and some actual class who was simply being duped by some Nintendo worshiping cult leader. Carry on!

  2. I’m pretty sure “we’ll think about it” is them saying “we are aware this system is selling thousands of units each month but we don’t really care.”

  3. Wii U all over again.. Im glad I traded in my Wii U 2.0….. Sorry I mean Switch for a Xbox One X and I didn’t look.back…I have 60 AAA games on ot and just finished 6 of them

      1. There’s two types of people in this world…. people who can play Bloodborne and people who bought an Xbox One to watch Netflix.

      2. I think our point is the PS4 has all those games AND decent exclusives so… you’re pretty much set with a Switch and PS4.
        But, let’s be fair… everyone is different. I know a few who bought xbox only just because 360 was their home and they just 1-3 online games and then use all the media apps.

        But yeah… I think the context here was “There’s a lack of games on switch so I’m getting xbox instead” so… you know… why not go PS4 if software libraries is your focus?

        1. The exclusives combined with third party support makes the PS4 a solid choice imo. But, I understand someone wanting to opt for the Xbox for a number of reasons.

          For example, backwards compatibility. And, I find the online service of it better overall between the two. The way I see it, someone getting an X is likely already aware of the difference of exclusives too.

          A PS4 for exclusives and an X for everything else seems like a good way to go imo.

          1. I got a PS4 Pro and n3DS. I’m aiming to have a Switch, Xbox One S, & a capable PC for Steam by the end of 2019. I’m going for the cusp of video game greatness this gen. (Unless a PS5 & new XBox get announced beforehand then it might be longer.)

            1. Yep, having multiple consoles is nice. It’s really, really costly though.

              I wanna take that route too. Not enough time and money.

              I still think PC is the best platform with the most value, imo. But, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get back to that anytime soon. Aside from occasional light gaming on my laptop.

              I’m really tempted to make the XB1 my focus for the time being. It’s convenient enough to the point I probably might Switch from the PS4 altogether.

              That would of course result in me losing access to exclusives. I’ve not really been getting to those even though I could and I usually fire up a game like GTA V when I do get on. So, I figure it’s not that big of a deal.

      3. Well every 3rd party game released on Xbox One X isn’t coming to Switch aka Wii U 2.0 except for games from Bethesda and a few 6 year old ps3/Xbox 360 games…and when it does get 3rd party multiplat games…they inferior… Running under 720p 30fps in 2018 WTF

      4. I’m thinking Aeolus is a troll. If you don’t like your Switch, good for you, sell it and move on. I don’t care about you getting triggered over a “possibility” port story for the Switch. We get it.

        You’d rather sit at home and play your games at whatever resolution makes you happy. Graphics aren’t the everything, a game has to be fun to be played in some regards. There plenty of boring AAA games out there.

        All three systems are great, I lean toward my Switch and Xbox in usage since the PS4 sounds like a jet engine for watching TV.

    1. You wasyed yoir money on a system woth zero exclusives? You never had a Swtich, you would have gotten a PS4 not xbox

    2. Lmao, the biggest moron on the planet can see the SWITCH is far past what the Wii U failed to become.

      So you traded your SWITCH to get a XBONE 1X? ….good 4 u sonny!! That is, if 3rd party games & watching TV is your thing then do your thing!!

      I ain’t mad at you! I honestly feel sorry for you.

  4. Love the Switch, but honestly this is not a very good idea. These are the guys behind Tekken 7, and the PS4 version of Tekken 7 has a lot of problems and is barely functional for tournaments. I can’t imagine SC is going to be a lighter load on a machine.

    1. In a way, it’s actually a good thing. It forces them to do a clean job instead of just a sloppy port like the others. I hoping this proves true with Dark Souls Remastered.

  5. I’d love it if this came to Switch. I played a lot of 2 and 4. I bet if they got to include BOTW Link in it, it’d probably sell like hotcakes.

    1. Holy crap, BotW Link would be the selling point for a lot of people if this came to Switch. Plus, with Zelda stuff showing up in both Skyrim and Diablo, I don’t see why Link wouldn’t be playable.

  6. Oh my god, whatever. These guys are working on a Switch version right now, they just aren’t going to announce it until after the initial release so you buy the damn game twice.

    1. You do know that it’s a lot of the same people at Bandai Namco that worked on Smash Bros, right? I don’t think they hate Nintendo.

  7. Plot Twist, since Namco is working on smash again(?) Right? Wouldn’t they push for their own fighter from SC into Smash? Then it would be interesting to see that announcement plus the new SC Fighter for smash

    1. Well, you have to understand that even though they are part of the project, they don’t make decisions. Even though they wanted it, it’s not up to them at all!

      1. Just F.Y.I., if someone starts off with “Plot Twist,” chances are they aren’t being 100% serious, so you don’t have to pick apart their argument. But still, you’re totally right about that lol

    1. Not really. “We’ll think about it” can either mean “No” or “We’ll genuinely consider the possibilities”, and hopefully, this is the latter.

  8. Key word: possibility. Basically they don’t know if they will be able to even get the game to function on Switch so it going to Switch, at this point in time, is a possibility. They’ll know more when they actually start working on a Switch version after they release the game to the other systems first.

  9. Would buy it; the character creation seems to be better. Also, did anyone else hear that Namco is saying that this will be the last SC game if it doesn’t sell well?

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