Video: Nintendo Showcases Some Of The eShop Games That Launched This Month

It is nearing the end of August and we will soon enter into September. There have been a number of notable releases on the Nintendo eShop this month and Nintendo of America has put together a video highlighting what you may have missed this month. The recent games include the Hollow Knight: Godmaster expansion and Iconoclasts. Take a watch below and see if there is anything that takes your fancy!



  1. Poor Indie Switch lol im glad I Switched to Xbox and PlayStation…. poor Wii U 2.0 no games just indies and Re Releases on old PS2 and Wii U ports

    1. But if I got rid of my Switch, then I wouldn’t have as many great games to play. And then I’d have extra free time… and I’d just spend in trolling on a Nintendo news site. NO, THANK YOU. I’ll stick with playing muh games.

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