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Izneo “The Netflix Of Comics” App Coming To Nintendo Switch

Izneo, which is apparently “the first online platform dedicated to comics,” will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this October. It calls itself the Netflix of comics so it’s bound to be of interest to those of you who would like a digital collection of their favourites on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what the team had to say about their new venture to devices:

“European comics, mangas, graphic novels and Webtoons, is announcing today the availability of its reading app on the Nintendo Switch for this October 2018. Already available on computer, smartphone and tablet, the Izneo player will allow Switch owners to brilliantly access and purchase their favorite content from Izneo’s ever growing and hugely popular catalog on the go or on their TV. Additionally, to the Switch launch, Izneo will also be available on Nvidia Shield, Smart TV Phillips, Sony and all the Android TVs.

Readable both online and offline, Izneo will give Switch owners access to thousands of digital comics. While comic books fans alike will be delighted to find renowned titles like Hellboy, Aliens, Buffy or Doctor Who, European comics enthusiasts will devour the best of the genre: Blacksad, Largo Winch or Valerian.. Mangas aficionados are not forgotten either with Appleseed, Sherlock, Assassin’s Creed and many, many more!

“We are proud to bring the Izneo reader to Nintendo Switch and offer the best comic books reading experience to gamers” said Luc Bourcier, CEO of Izneo. “Nintendo’s console is a he perfect platform for comic book reading. From gamer to reader the gap just got a little bit smaller!”

For more information on Izneo, discover the full catalog of 25,000 titles and try the reading experience, head over to


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  1. If it’s not exclusive to Europe and is of high quality and a nice price tag, I’d love to get something like this. There are a few comics I wouldn’t mind reading. ESPECIALLY the sequels to the Buffy and Angel TV shows that were made into comics. Probably even check out the one for Charmed. The other question is if it’s available on Samsung Smart TVs; when I got internet at my place, I’ll have to look this app up and see if it’s on mine.

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